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It’s Like That: Run-D.M.C. Sues Walmart, Amazon For $50 Million

The hip-hop icons are suing the companies over trademark.


Amazon Announces A No Line, No Checkout Way Of Shopping

Just walk in, grab what you want, and walk out.

Movies & TV

Spike Lee Took ‘Chi-raq’ To Amazon Because “Everyone Said No”

Spike Lee talks about the getting passed up by other companies for upcoming film, 'Chi-raq.'


Report: Beyonce’s Physical Album Will Not Be Sold On Amazon

Add Amazon to the list of retailers boycotting Beyonce's visual album. To be fair, the e-retail site is only semi-boycotting King Bey's platinum fifth LP.


Adele’s ’21’ Crowned Amazon’s Best-Selling Album Of All Time

Adele's Grammy-winning album 21 just received another accolade as Amazon named her LP its best-selling album of all time.


McKinley Freeman Releases Book of Poetry Inspired by Follower’s Tweets

These days twitter is the official place for slander, so it's uncommon when someone uses it for good, but McKinley Freeman stumbled upon a…


Amazon Launches Luxury Beauty Store

Amazon may not scream "fashion," but the discounts will change your mind. Today, the one-stop shop for pretty much everything expands its online…

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New Console Alert! The Ouya Hits Retailers For $99

The gaming world rejoiced at OUYA's major achievement, as the crowdfunded gaming console is now available at retail stores across North America, Canada and the…


Amazon Will Give You Free MP3s For Your Vinyl Record Purchases

In an effort to keep up with rival music sharing sites such as Spotify and iTunes, Amazon has just announced that its AutoRip program will…

Movies & TV

Amazon’s Cloud Storage Outage Affects Airbnb

Amazon's cloud service is experiencing an outage. Hit the jump to see what sites are affected.