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Dangerously Low Temperatures Could Crack Your Phone From The Inside

Stay woke, warm and alert with these tips to protect your phone.


Nicki Minaj’s New Mobile Game To Be Released Next Week

Titled "Nicki Minaj: The Empire," the game is set to release on Nicki's birthday (Dec. 8).


App of the Week: Black Emojis Have Arrived!

    Ask and you shall receive. Months ago, Apple promised us more ethnically diverse emojis; unfortunately,…


Review: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 And Gear Bundle Is Competent, But Imperfect

In the uber-competitive world of smartphones and watches, the usage of a stylus wasn't supposed to be "cool," but thanks to Samsung it is worth…


Vixen Boombox: Janelle Monae ‘What is Love’

  Janelle Monae spices up the Rio 2 soundtrack with a new fun single called "What is Love." Our favorite android gives…

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INTERVIEW: Kadeem Hardison Is An Avid Gamer, Talks ‘Beyond,’ And Video Game Virginity

With David Cage's Beyond: Two Souls on the charts and in stores, we got a chance to speak with actor Kadeem Hardison about his role…


Review: The ‘OUYA’ Supports Indies, Doesn’t Offer True Digital Highlights

For video game fans looking for an alternate fix from the HD-glorified consoles of the PlayStation, Wii-U and Xbox, the Ouya (pronounced oo-yah) is a…


4 Apps to Beautify Your Instagram Pictures

With the insurgence of social media, amateur photography is more popular than ever before. But did you know that looking flawless in your selfies is…


Nexus 7 Gets Android 4.2 Update; Google Scrambles For More Phones

If you've been unable to find a Nexus 7 tablet with Android 4.2, don't worry, Google knows and are trying to come through in the…

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Nokia To Sell Phones Through Verizon

Nokia, struggling to meet the demands that Apple and Android are supplying, will start offering a handset through Verizon Wireless — a first for the…


Top Five Beauty Apps Every Vixen Needs

As women, we are naturally prone to always look our best. Some of us search for beauty tips on the Web, in books…


Step Your Text Messaging Game Up!

There's no reason that your text messages should be misconstrued. Sure, half the text message medium is based on the receiver's perception of said message,…


The Goods: Ayo, Where You At?! The Chirp Phone is Back!

Okay, so technically the chirp phone never really left (what up, JD and Young Jeezy?!). Just take a quick look at the Boost Mobile…


The Goods: Meet Alex, the Kindle’s Toughest Competitor

We know, we know—you're already overwhelmed with the number of e-readers out there on the market. So are we. But the brand-new Spring Design Alex,…


AT&T (Finally) Goes Android

Despite what those annoying Luke Wilson AT&T commercials would have you believe, the iPhone isn't the only smart phone AT&T offers. In fact, just yesterday,…