Anybody Wanna Buy A Heart


K.Michelle Is Doing More Than Fine After The Break Up On ‘Not A Little Bit’

There's no love lost on K.Michelle's new piano drenched ballad "Not A Little Bit."


K. Michelle Gets Emotional Over Courtship With Idris Elba

In case you were not privy to this information, K. Michelle’s Anybody Wanna Buy A Heart album was apparently inspired by a courtship with Idris Elba.


Lil Kim Claps Back At K.Michelle, Calls Her A ‘Prozac Poppin Bipolar Bitch’

*Pours tea* Well, that escalated quickly. Lil Kim took to her Instagram account Wednesday (Dec. 10) to air her grievances with K.Michelle. In a lengthy…


K. Michelle Lands Jack Daniel’s Endorsement

Word on the street is that K. Michelle has inked a huge endorsement deal with Jack Daniel's. The  Anybody Wanna Buy A Heart …


K.Michelle Believes In Her Heart Of Hearts ‘Drake Would Love Me’

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Stream K. Michelle’s Sophomore Album ‘Anybody Wanna Buy a Heart’

Ahead of the release of K. Michelle's sophomore album Anybody Wanna Buy a Heart, the starlet is giving fans the chance to stream her…


K. Michelle Drops ‘Maybe I Should Call’ With an Idris Elba Look-a-Like

K. Michelle further confirms the rumors that Idris Elba was the man behind the lyrics to "Maybe I Should Call" with her music…


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K.Michelle Loves Them And Leaves Them In ‘Love ‘Em All’ Video

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