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New iPhone App Lets You Wake Up To The Smell Of Bacon

Imagine a world where you could wake up to the enticing aroma of bacon before hitting the snooze button. Well, thanks to Oscar Mayer, there…


‘Lick This’ Sex App Helps You Perform In The Bedroom

Yes ladies–there’s a new app that teaches the tongue a few new tricks when it comes to the bedroom.


App Of The Week: ‘Lick This’

Yes ladies--there's a new app that teaches the tongue a few new tricks when it comes to the bedroom. Now your…


10 Instagram Apps That’ll Have You Saying “Instagram is a Liar!”

We all have friend's who take amazing Instagram pics. But, what are the photo edit-secrets? And what apps are they using? Thanks to…


Nas Backs New Bra-Fitting App ‘ThirdLove’

Can’t find the right fit? Leaving the store empty handed because they didn’t have "your size?" Or how about when you see those "cute" little…


Jay-Z’s Samsung Magna Carta App Under Investigation

Jay-Z may have instituted #NewRules with the release of his twelfth studio album Magna Carta Holy Grail that was delivered to users exclusively through Samsung…


Armin Van Buuren Launches Official A State Of Trance App

Throughout his career, Dutch trance sensation Armin Van Buuren has managed to grow 'A State of Trance,' his weekly radio show, into one of the…


5 Reasons Why Vine Is So Addictive

With progressive technology comes new ways to steal our attention. Enter: Vine, the video sharing app that allows users to create six-second looping clips.


Google Glass Devs To Ban Ads & Charging For Apps

The spec are finally released for the Mirror API, which is the interface that programmers will use to write services for Glass. Check out the…


Updated Instagram Privacy Policy Linked to Facebook Deal

As of today, Instagram has updated its privacy in a way that further solidifies its partnership with Facebook. The changes, which will be effective January…


David Guetta Debuts Spotify Artist App

David Guetta, who recently won the first EDM Award at the 2012 American Music Awards, has launched a new Spotify app called "Play…


Dunkin Donuts Introduces Mobile App

Dunkin’ Donuts has catered to the smartphone crowd and developed its own app.


Facebook Launches Camera Mobile App

Following their purchase of the photo app Instagram, Facebook has launched its own standalone camera app.

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VIBE’s Music Mixer App Update Is Here!

VIBE’s Music Mixer App Update Is Here! VIBE is back with the newest update for the hottest free DJ mixing app on the market. With…


Kandi Keeps Making it Rain, Launches Spades App For iPhone & iPad

--Kandi definitely knows how to take an idea and run with it to the finish line. The singer/songwriter/entrepreneur and Real Housewives of Atlanta star has…