Ex-NYPD Cop Convicted Of Killing Akai Gurley Will Reportedly End His Appeal

The city reached a $4 million settlement with Gurley's family in August.


BET Lawsuit Continues as B. Scott Declines Settlement

B. Scott's legal drama with his BET lawsuit is far from over, much to the dismay of their lawyers. The renowned blogger filed a…


Max B Could Be Released In 2016 According To New Documentary

Amalgam Digital's CEO Anyextee recently told DZI that Max B's catalog has been sold to another company that is also looking to build a new…


C-Murder’s Supreme Court Appeal Gets Delayed

Rapper C-Murder—who was convicted back in 2002 for the killing of a 16-year-old fan outside a Harvey nightclub—will have to hit the brakes on finding…


Porn Star Teacher Can’t Return to School After Losing Appeal

This porn star teacher is in hot water. A California judge recently denied a middle school teacher's appeal to return to teaching after she was…


Max B on His Apeal Getting Denied & ‘Pardon The Wave’ Campaign

Harlem rapper Max B's chances of seeing an early release from incarceration are looking very slim, but now he's launching a new campaign that will…


NBC News Error May Help Sandusky with Appeal

Sandusky was convicted on Friday (June 22) of 45 counts of child endangerment and is expected to be receive no less than 400 years in…

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Wesley Snipes Wants Another Chance

Wesley Snipes wants one more chance to appeal his three-year jail ruling for not paying his income taxes.