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Fail of the Week: Armani Mistakes Alfre Woodard for Idris Elba on Instagram

Social media blunders are bound to happen, but this one takes the cake. Fashion giant Armani was on hand for live coverage of…


Black Twitter Goes Off After Armani Confuses Idris Elba For Alfre Woodard, #ArmaniCaptions Emerge

Armani was the latest victim to feel the wrath of Black Twitter. The Italian fashion house caused a social media uproar after confusing actress Alfre…


SMH: Armani Mixes Up Alfre Woodard And Idris Elba On Instagram

Who is really running Aramani's social media?


Electronic Empresses: 20 Chicks With Decks You Must Know

The entire world watched President Barack Obama take his leading lady, Michelle Obama, for a spin across the dance floor at the Inauguration Balls on…


Rihanna Accused of Using Body Double in Armani Ad

The Sun is stirring up even more controversy with Little Miss Sunshine, this time accusing the singer of using a body double.


First Look! Rihanna’s Second Capsule Collection for Emporio Armani

Italian fashion brand Emporio Armani and Rihanna are a match made in heaven when it comes to clothing collaborations. The first capsule collection featuring Armani…


Rihanna Plans to Launch Her Own Fashion Line

After collaborating with Armani for their sizzling campaign, Rihanna's ready to venture into a line of her own. The Bajan princess…


Rihanna’s New Armani Ad [VIDEO]

A long, dark-haired Rihanna restlessly tosses in a bed for her latest fashion ad spot. Showing off, first, Emporio Armani lingerie then the…


Rihanna Takes Part in #StopKony, Bares Some Skin for Armani

The most viral international villain Joseph Kony may have been dodging U.S. forces but he's not ready for Rihanna's navy.Named one of the country's top…

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Rihanna Undresses in Armani Underwear Campaign

Back in June when it was first announced that Rihanna would be the face behind Emporio Armani Underwear and Armani Jean’s Fall/Winter 2011 campaigns, we…


Fashion Alert: Rihanna To Launch Armani Fashion Line

We knew Rihanna would try her hand at designing! The Bajan songbird, who recently released Talk That Talk, has teamed up with Emporio Armani and…


Rihanna Shows More Skin In Emporio Armani Short Film

Rihanna flexes her boss muscle for the Emporio Armani short film. In gangster fashion, a male model drops off the "goods" to the…


Watch Rihanna Strip Down To Her Armani Panties (VIDEO)

Who could ever get sick of watching Rih tease us with her skin? Alright, maybe asexual misogynists, but it's still so damn difficult. And so…


Rihanna Shows More Skin In Emporio Armani [Teaser]

Twelve seconds isn't enough! Rihanna literally teases with this trailer clip for Emporio Armani short film. As "Skin" plays, the R&B rebel is…