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Morehouse College Accused Of Ignoring Sexual Harassment Claims

The unnamed student accused an assistant professor of groping his genitals on a study abroad trip in May 2015.


Suspicious Package Addressed To CNN Headquarters Halted From Delivery

A package sent to CNN is said to be connected with terrorist Cesar Sayoc.


Teenage Honor Roll Student Killed Over A Case Of Mistaken Identity

The teen was shot while heading home from his part-time job at Zaxby's Wednesday (Oct. 24).


T.I. Lists Six Fundamental Trap Albums, Details New Project ‘The Dime Trap’

"Trap music is a testament to what the devil needed for bad God uses for good."


Cardi B Reportedly Wants Her Own Set At Super Bowl LIII

Negotiations are currently being made.


2 Chainz Remodels The Pink Trap House As Haunted House Attraction

The Pink Trap House is back from the dead.


ONE MusicFest’s Founder J. Carter On Expanding Festival And Atlanta’s Lasting Power In Music

OneMusicFest is doing more to bring black culture to music festivals.


Mija’s ‘F**k A Genre’ Production Prowess Takes ‘Culture Clash’ By Storm

"That's basically what trap music is, just taking hip-hop and making it more electronic..."


Fuego’s Latin-Flavored Trap Brings The Heat To Red Bull’s ‘Culture Clash’

“My trap music is turnt up, I have real Latin trap."


Red Bull Culture Clash: Zaytoven, Fuego And More To Duke It Out In The ATL

The home of trap music will be the location for the one-of-a-kind live music experience.
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