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Baby Bash And Frankie J Pay Tribute To The DREAMers With “Candy Coated Dreamer”

From their newly released joint album, Sangria, comes the heartwarming visuals to their ode to the DREAMers.


Premiere: Baby Bash & Frankie J Release Collaborative ‘Sangria’ Album

Baby Bash and Frankie J finally release their long awaited joint album.


Christina Milian and Celebrities Celebrate Her Daughters’ Birthday

This weekend, Christina Milian threw a star-studded birthday bash for her precious 4-year-old Violet at the Los Angeles Zoo. Stacked with fun activities including…


Fly or Fail? Amber Rose Steps Out in Purple Hair

One thing that keeps us on our toes about Amber Rose is her hair. Whether the new mommy is shaved or changing the color…


Photo of The Day: Amber Rose and Baby Bash Take Selfie

Baby bash is one of the cutest babies. We rarely see him but every time Amber Rose or Wiz Khalifa allows us a…


On The Mic: Abrina Crowns Herself The ‘New Lady of Hip-Pop’

Abrina is making her way onto the pop scene with her fresh new sound that she describes as "hip-pop." On her upcoming EP…


So Cute! Amber Rose Shows Baby Sebastian’s Face!

After a few glimpses here and there, the world has finally got a good look at  Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa's beautiful baby…


Fly or Fail? Amber Rose Goes Poolside with New Haircut

As expected, Amber Rose continues mommy duties whilst looking fabulous simultaneously. The former video vixen tones down her hair color, but antes up…


Wiz Khalifa Shows Off A Stylish “Bash” [Photos]

We have yet to see Sebastian "The Bash" face on, but we're certainly getting closer. In his most recent baby update, Wiz Khalifa…


V Exclusive: Baby Bash Feat. Slim Thug ‘Swanananana”

V Exclusive: Baby Bash Feat. Slim Thug ‘Swanananana" Headed straight for the V.I.P., Baby Bash balls…