Bad Parenting


The Worst Parenting Stories Ever

Pathetic parenting has taken a new turn. You don't like your kids, sell them. Have no babysitter, leave your kids in the car.


Tulsa Dad Arrested After Cops Find Daughter Locked In Cage

Some people just aren't fit to be parents. To get a better understanding of what we mean, take a look at this startling report.


Parenting Fail: 7-Year-Old Girl Grinding On Little Boy At Party

Little kids dancing is cute but little kids bumping and grinding like they're in a Luke video is not. What's even worse is the adutls…


Fail Of The Day: Mother Forces Son To Stand On Highway Holding Sign Saying Grades Suck

A frustrated Florida mother made her son stand on the highway holding a sign that announced his 1.2 gpa and told passersby to honk if…