Baltimore Officer Charged With Assault After Viral Punching Video

"It is important that the community knows there is one standard of justice, no matter your sex, race, religion, or occupation."


Baltimore Cop Suspended With Pay After Viral Video Shows Him Punching Man

“It seems like this officer had just decided that Dashawn was going to be his punching bag,”


‘As Much As I Can’ Examines The Health And Humanity Of HIV Positive Black Gay Men

'As Much As I Can' aims to humanize and shatter the stigma that surrounds HIV positive black gay men, more than 30 years after the…


Baltimore Revokes Police Lawsuit Against State Attorney Marilyn Mosby

“I support the court’s opinion that the people of Baltimore elected me to deliver one standard of justice for all."


HBO’s ‘Notes From The Field’ Brilliantly Illuminates The School-To-Prison Pipeline

This one-woman off-Broadway play shows what happens when a government punishes a people for the poverty they're restricted to and the educational resources they've been…


Former Baltimore Detectives Face Up To 60 Years In Prison For Racketeering And Robbery

What a concept. Bad cops being arrested for doing bad things.


Baltimore Cop Indicted For Evidence Tampering Thanks To Incriminating Body Cam Video

Officer Richard A. Pinheiro Jr. faces up to three years.


“I’m Impatient:” After A Record Setting Year Of Violence, Baltimore Mayor Fires Police Commissioner

Mayor Pugh describes this move as an act of progress for the city that eclipsed more than 340 murders last year.


Videos Surface Of Baltimore Patient Being Left In The Cold By Hospital Staff

The University of Maryland Medical System released a statement stating the matter is being taken seriously and a investigation is underway.


Baltimore Students Still Attend School Despite Lack Of Heat

One student said she wore a fleece over her bubble jacket while in class.

Movies & TV

‘Baltimore Rising’ Takes An In-Depth Look At The Aftermath Of Freddie Gray’s Death

More needs to be done, but Baltimore Rising shows the city's people aren't backing down anytime soon.


Baltimore Police Request FBI Investigation Into Murder Of Officer Scheduled To Testify In Corruption Case

Police Commissioner Kevin Davis wants the feds to investigate slaying of Det. Sean Suiter.


Blind Man Reportedly Kills Infant Son With Guiding Stick

He initially told police that his son rolled off the bed and hit his head.
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