Kendrick Lamar Rep Denies Cellphone Ban At His Concerts

Fan continues to film at K.Dot's shows.


Boston Park Bans Philly Related Items Before The Super Bowl

Don't go to this park while wearing green while eating a soft pretzel until after the Super Bowl.


Mississippi Recommends You See A Shrink If You’re Caught Wearing Saggy Pants

The state of Mississippi is seeking to put an end to saggy pants.


China Finally Lifts Lady Gaga Ban

China proved they aren’t in favor of Lady Gaga’s creative expression when they blacklisted her music in 2011. Their Culture Ministry felt her work created…


E-Cigarettes Face Tough New Restrictions

Electronic cigarettes may be all the craze but they are soon to be classed as "medicines." There are new proposals being set up to tighten…


Google Glass Strip Clubs: Forget It!

Google Glass strip clubs? Don't get your hopes up. The futuristic wearable computer will be banned from strip clubs, movie theaters, Las Vegas casinos, and…


West Virginia Lawmakers Seek To Ban Google Glass Usage When Driving

While it should be quite some time before humanity goes all Jetson and begin wearing Google Glass, a lawmaker from West Virginia is already proposing…


Super Bowl Alcohol Ban May Hit San Francisco

San Francisco football fans who plans to knock more than a few back during this year's Super Bowl may see some restrictions on hard alcohol.


Small Water Bottles Banned In Concord, Massachusetts

Who would've though it'd be illegal to sale someone something as small as a bottle of water?


Amsterdam Finally Bans Pot Smoking at Schools

Amsterdam is continuing to get stricter with their pot laws.


‘Think Like A Man’ Banned in French Theaters?

Steve Harvey's Think Like a Man ruled the box office for four weekends and it was beyond a surprise…


Kim Kardashian Reportedly Bans Backstage Girls on Kanye West Tour

It's been a while since we last checked in on the comings and goings of Kim Kardashian's money-making no-no. What's it been up to? Wreaking…