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Detroit School Board Wants To Remove Ben Carson’s Name From School

"We looked at him as an honored son. He has since, in many of our eyes, disgraced himself.”


Ben Carson’s Spending Habits Called Into Question By House Oversight Committee

The Housing and Development secretary used $31,000 in taxpayer money to buy a dining room set for his office.


Ben Carson Delivers Touching MLK Speech While Being Trump’s Black Pawn

This isn't the unity Dr. King was dreaming of.


Rep. Maxine Waters Calls Out Various Members Of Trump’s Administration

 “Trump has hired in his Cabinet the most unqualified, uncaring, inexperienced people who don’t give a damn about any of us.”…


Ben Carson Says He Thinks Poverty Is A “State Of Mind”

"You take somebody with the wrong mindset...they'll work their way right back down to the bottom."


Ben Carson Alludes That He Doesn’t Want Homeless Shelters To Be Too Comfortable

Too much compassion is not a good thing, according to Ben Carson.


Alternative Facts 101: 10 Lessons From Ben Carson’s School Of Thought

Carson’s frame of mind shows us that the brightest aren’t prone to the whiff of ignorance.


Samuel L. Jackson Rips Ben Carson Over ‘Slaves Are Immigrants’ Comments

"There were other immigrants who came here in the bottom of slave ships, worked even longer, even harder for less," Carson said on Monday…


Steve Harvey And Donald Trump Host Meeting To Discuss Housing Development

'Family Feud' host Steve Harvey is the latest celebrity to attend a meeting with Donald Trump.


Ben Carson’s Reason For Not Joining Donald Trump’s Cabinet Is Pretty Hilarious

You know, the same brain surgeon who ran for president.