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Britney Spears’ Best (and Worst!) Hair Days

She's a brunette again! A newly single Britney attended Elton John's Oscar party last night in a dazzling gown and a new 'do. Now we've…


Super Cuts: Tiger’s Goatee Plus 8 Other Image-Changing Athlete Makeovers

Forget the press conferences, the five-minute ESPN interview, the public apology, the Buddhist beliefs, and the rehab sessions. Here at VIBE, we forgave Tiger Woods…


Super Cuts: 8 Athletes’ Makeovers (pg. 5)

Athlete: NBA forward Ron ArtestNew Look: The name of his record label, "Tru Warier," shaved into the back of his head (above) The Reason: To…


Super Cuts: 8 Athlete Makeovers (pg. 4)

Athlete: NFL cornerback Tracy PorterNew Look: The Lombardi Trophy carved into the top of his head (above) The Reason: He was playing in the Super…


Super Cuts: 8 Athlete Makeovers (pg. 3)

Athlete NBA forward Carmelo AnthonyNew Look: No more braids! (above) The Reason: He lost a bet—and he wanted to promote his new barbershop in Denver.


Super Cuts: 8 Athlete Makeovers (pg. 2)

Athlete: NFL quarterback Donovan McNabbNew Look: A slightly creepy mustache (above) The Reason: Either to mock Philadelphia Eagles head coach Andy Reid and his mustache…