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Joe Budden, 50 Cent And Bizarre Argue Over Eminem Diss Rumors

Was Eminem firing shots at Joe Budden


Bizarre Intruder Admits to Breaking Into Diddy’s Hamptons Home Multiple Times

Sean "Diddy" Combs might want to learn to lock his doors next time. All of them.


Fails Of The Week: Somaya Reece, Pill, Lil Zane

Who: Lil Zane Fail: We can understand why Zane would want to respond to Tyler, the Creator and Game's slander, but his rebuttal was…

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D-12 Rapper Gets ‘Bizarre’ Nicki Minaj Tattoo

2011 will be known as the year of the worst hip-hop tattoos in rap history. D-12's Bizarre is the latest rapper to ink something questionable…