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Black Friday Deals Kick Off Early With A Side Of Brawls & Shootings

Thousands of shoppers hit the streets as early as 5 p.m. on Thanksgiving Day (Nov. 23).

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Frank Ocean’s ‘Blonde’ To Debut In Vinyl Format

Ready for more 'Blonde' merchadise?


Black Friday: DJ Quik Takes An Honest Look At America

The Cali legend weighs in on the turmoil in America.


Be About It: Solange Postpones Puma Release To Support Black Friday Blackout

While protesters have been mobilizing nationwide to protest the outcome of the Ferguson decision, this Friday is dedicated to hitting the nation where it truly…


A Fashionista’s A-to-Z Guide to Black Friday

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Social Media Boycotts Black Friday in Support of Brown Friday

After the disturbing decision the Ferguson grand jury came to Monday social media became a platform for a peaceful protest. In an attempt…


Vixen Approved Cyber Monday Deals

Black Friday isn't your thing? We don't blame you. Why be caught up in the rapture of crowds and long lines when in…


Black Friday War Zone: The Top 5 Walmart Fights

This year VIBE tackles the holiday season with the Top 5 Walmart Black Friday fights. We have shoppers slipping in boxes and grandparents…


7 Ways to Survive Thanksgiving Without Cooking

Oh, the struggles of being a non-cook on Thanksgiving. You're scared to step into the kitchen, but you don't want to be the…


Techy Vixens: Best Black Friday Electronic Deals

Black Friday is a consumer's golden holiday and a sales person's nightmare. One of the biggest shopping events of the year has turned…


Keep Calm and Be Prepared: 15 Ways to Prepare for Black Friday

Black Friday is just around the cold, brisk corner and it is time to get down to business. Enjoying Thanksgiving with your…


The Craziest Black Friday Videos

Black Friday is the one day out of the year that families prep for weeks in advance. They bring out their camping gear,…


Black Friday E-Commerce Sales Surpass $1 Billion

Yes, Thanksgiving always causes Americans to eagerly await it's arrival, but the real November treat is Black Friday. This year, the shopper's holiday set an…