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DeRay Mckesson Reveals ‘Robust’ Meeting With President Obama

McKesson, who is running for Mayor of Baltimore, met with Obama for a special event honoring Black History Month.


Game Changers: 11 Afro-Latino Athletes Who’ve Ruled The Playing Field

Considered heroes in their homeland and nations around the world.


Teach ‘Em Young: 14 Children’s Books Every Black Child Should Read

It's necessary to tap into the stories that represent young, African American in literature.


Self-Education: 28 Days Of Documentaries To Celebrate Black History Month

Because it's never too late to take in a healthy dose of history and culture during Black History Month and beyond.


Nike And Jordan Gear Receive A Makeover For Black History Month

Themed Nike favorites add to their annual collection celebrating black heritage around the world as well as new releases taking place in January and February.


NYPD Commissioner Holds Cops Responsible For The ‘Worst Parts of Black History’

Bill Bratton holds law enforcement responsible for the "worst parts of black history."

Movies & TV

Jimmy Kimmel Found Out Which White People Were Lying About Having Black Friends

Black History Month just started and already we’re seeing the mix of pro-Black posts on all social media as well as the ignorant…


7 Rap Lyrics That Honor Rosa Parks

The moment Rosa Parks refused to have a seat in the back of the bus will long be remembered as a pillar of bravery in…


From ‘Fresh Prince’ To ‘The Jeffersons,’ Take A Look Back At The Best African-American TV Shows

With Black History Month winding down, VIBE is counting down the top five black television shows of all time. Some of these shows…


Perez Hilton Compares Black Women to Hitler

On Monday (Feb. 24), Gossip blogger Perez Hilton wrote a controversial tweet comparing black women to Hitler that has since landed him in…


Black History Month: Who Were The First Five African-American Senators?

In honor of Black History Month, VIBE is taking a look back at the first five African-Americans to be seated in the U.S.


’12 Years a Slave’ to be Added to Public High School Curriculums [Photos]

  Cinema is just one art form that can be used to not only entertain, but to educate, so we're especially excited…
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