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Big Meech’s Family Deny Connection With ‘BMF Wives’ Show

Reality television junkies were please to hear about another possible wives show to add in the mix of current programs this week, with rumors of…


Too Hot For TV! 5 Women Who Should Have a ‘Wives’ Show

Known for drama, Foxy Brown on the show would bring instant ratings. From her journey in getting back in the music industry to her dealings…

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The Original ‘Boss Wives’ Say ‘BMF Wives’ Stole Reality Show Concept

Everyone wants to be a reality television wife these days.  Earlier today, we reported that a BMF wives reality show might be coming to television.

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Is a BMF Wives Reality Show Coming to TV?

If Basketball Wives, Mob Wives, and Baseball Wives aren't enough "wife shows" for you to watch you may have another on the horizon. According to…