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Charlie Puth & Boyz II Men Team Up On For New Duet “If You Leave Me Now”

The crooner debuts a new track from his 'Voicenotes" album.


Boyz II Men’s Shawn Stockman Apologizes For Infidelity On Instagram

"I’m apologizing on record to my family and to anyone else that I have hurt.”

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Former Boyz II Men Member Michael McCary Has Multiple Sclerosis

The 44-year-old singer revealed his diagnosis on 'Iyanla: Fix My Life.'

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This Saxophone Player’s Rendition Of Rihanna’s “Sex With Me” Is Too Good

The Internet caught ahold of this saxophone player who covers Drake, Rihanna, and Frank Ocean and can't seem to get enough of him.


Watch: Boyz II Men Discuss New Album, Wendy’s Commercial & Industry Struggles

It's comeback season for many a rap group but R&B's finest are looking to make their presence known. After teaming up with Wendy's…

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Boyz II Men Take Their Singing Talents To Wendy’s

If ever there were a time to appreciate Boyz II Men for just being Boyz II Men, now would be it. The now…


The Roots Remember High School Talent Shows With Boyz II Men: ‘They Used To Cheat With Glitter!’

It's no secret that The Roots attended the same high school as R&B vocal group Boyz II Men back in the '80s.


Watch: Boyz II Men ‘End Of The Road’ Tribute To Lance Stephenson And The Indiana Pacers

The Miami Heat trounced the Indiana Pacers last week to advance to the 2014 NBA Finals. So, ESPN’s SportsNation celebrated the defeat with…


11 Albums To Get Diamond Certification

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Top 10 Christmas Song Classics

This is the time of year that nearly every artist tries to remake a classic Christmas song. The end result doesn't always end up…


Boyz II Men Serenades Couple In New Kia Sorento Commercial

Boyz II Men is back on the commercial scene. With the controversy around their "Love white jeans on you" Old Navy…


This Boyz II Men Classic Will Never Be The Same

Remixing an R&B classic in the name of retail doesn't always translate to hot commodities. But, alas, Boyz II Men has butchered…


Own A Piece Of Usher, Chris Brown And Boyz II Men’s Royalties

Now you can finally rake in the future royalties of Usher, TLC, Boyz II Men and other big-name artists.


5 Songs For Your Valentine’s Day Playlist

Happy Valentine's Day, Vixens! Today, couples all across the world will spoil each another with gifts of chocolate, flowers and love.