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Bridget Kelly Frees Up Her Debut Album, ‘Reality Bites’

Bridget Kelly celebrates the triumphant release of her debut full-length album.


Bridget Kelly Debuts Intoxicating Visuals In “Sedated” Music Video

"All I really want is to love and not to fear."


Bridget Kelly Is Bringing That Old Thing Back With ‘Summer Of 17′ EP

Busting down another door as an independent songstress, Bridget Kelly presents Summer of 17, a distinctive six-track EP that’s taking her fans on an up-tempo walk…


Bridget Kelly Soars On Her Own With New ‘Summer of 17′ EP

New attitude. New hair. New music. Bridget Kelly is a brand new woman on Summer of 17


Bridget Kelly And Mack Wilds Get Together on “Act Like That”

Bridget Kelly tag teams a new song with Mack Wilds.


Bridget Kelly Confirms Departure From Roc Nation Label

Bridget Kelly has decided to exit from Roc Nation after six years at the label, Rap Up reports. The New York native will…


Bridget Kelly Officially Parts Ways With Roc Nation

Bridget Kelly was one of the first artists signed to Jay Z's Roc Nation and after years of support, the singer is ready…


Walk In Her Shoes: Bridget Kelly

  Bridget Kelly is ready for a reset. In the latest Walk In Her Shoes adventure, we follow the Roc Nation…


Bridget Kelly Shares Her Story At Hilton Checkers Los Angeles

Ever wonder if musicians singing on the subway or playing for change in the streets make it big? Well, they do, and Bridget…


New Music: Bridget Kelly ‘I Won’t Cry’

Here’s something to help cure the Monday blues. Singer Bridget Kelly offers a new ballad from her forthcoming album, All or Nothing. The Roc nation…


Vixen Boombox: Bridget Kelly ‘I Won’t Cry’

Via VIBE: Here’s something to help cure the Monday blues. Singer Bridget Kelly offers a new ballad from her forthcoming album, All or Nothing. The Roc…


Photos: Bridget Kelly Performs New Songs On Hilton Hotel Rooftop

Bridget Kelly is not afraid of the spotlight. "It actually makes me feel free," says the Manhattan native. Kelly got her start in the limelight…


Bridget Kelly Wants to Swap Hair with Jennifer Lopez

Bridget Kelly is beauty personified. The Roc Nation songbird has gone through many hair and beauty transformations making sure her look always matches…


Angela Simmons: Full Frontal

Angela Simmons is in the midst of a makeup meltdown. She’s seated at a vanity station in the makeshift greenroom of a lofty Hell’s…


Celebs We Hope Drop an Album This Year

It's officially 2014 and already our desire for new music from our favorite artists is heating up. While we're prepared to…
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