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Runaway Boss: California Woman Reportedly Faked Kidnapping To Avoid Paying Employees

The investigators figured out her story was a hoax because she didn’t have enough funds to pay two subcontractors who are drivers for her company,…


79-Year-Old Man Gets 90-Day House Arrest After Pleading No Contest To Rape Of 5-Year-Old

Lyrle Burgess pled no contest to the statatory rape of a child.


Golden State Killer: Former Cop Arrested For Crime Spree That Included At least 12 Murders, Dozens Of Rapes

72-year-old  Joseph James DeAngelo was apprehended at his home near Sacramento.


Rev. Al Sharpton Gives Eulogy At Funeral For Stephon Clark

Family, friends, and local community organizers poured into Bayside of South Sacramento Church to memorialize the police shooting death of Stephon Clark on Thursday (Mar. 29).


California High School Teacher Accidentally Fires Gun During Safety Lesson And Injures A Student

Dennis Alexander has been placed on administrative leave after pointing a gun at the ceiling, and ceiling fragments were lodged in a student's neck.


National Walkout Day: A Look At Student Protesters Around The Country

"While the GOP prays, we all remain prey."


Stockton Mayor Provides Superfacts To Conservative Critics Of His Basic Income Plan

"The majority of people are struggling in this economy, we have to deal with that."


California’s Proposition 64 Removes Past Marijuana-Related Felonies

Those arrested for petty crimes will get a second chances.


Man Who Killed And Tortured 18 Cats In California Receives 16 Year Prison Sentence

"Time after time I have played in my head what you did to Thumper.."
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