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Venus Williams Left Teary-Eyed When Asked To Comment On “Devastating” Car Crash

When questioned about her fatal car accident last month, Williams brokenly responds.


Ciara Reportedly Involved In Car Accident In Los Angeles

Reports state that she was walking around soon after the collision.


Members Of The Kardashian Family Involved In Minor Car Accident During Ski Trip

During a skiing trip this weekend (Feb. 20), members of the Kardashian family had a small mishap on the road. According to TMZ, Khloe Kardashian…


Tracy Morgan No Longer in Critical Condition

Actor/Comedian Tracy Morgan has been on our minds and in our prayers since the tragic accident that put him in critical condition. Fortunately, People…


Tracy Morgan Update

The most recent news surrounding the tragic car accident that left comedian Tracy Morgan in critical condition, involves the Walmart truck driver Kevin…


Prayers Up: Tracy Morgan In Critical Condition After Major Car Accident [UPDATED]

This morning (June 7), comedic actor Tracy Morgan was involved in a multi vehicle car crash that has since left him in critical…


Idris Elba Involved in Car Accident

Idris Elba is another star with a need for speed and owning up to the consequences. Despite being injury free after…


Jhene Aiko Recovers From Car Accident

Yesterday afternoon (Aug 26), Jhene Aiko was involved in a bad car accident in Los Angeles. Her friend, Miss Diddy gave…


Lil Kim In Recovery After Suffering Whiplash From Minor Car Accident

Rapper Lil Kim, who has been turning heads for decades with her outlandish fashion choices, can now add a neck brace to her list of…


Lil Kim Wears Neck Brace After Car Accident

Lil Kim will be sporting a neck brace for a week and a half after a minor accident left her with whiplash.


NY Car Accident Leaves Vehicle Split In Half & 4 Teens Dead

This report was almost too tragic for us to read.


Beanie Sigel In Car Accident

Philadelphia rapper Beanie Sigel was injured in a car accident last night, reps say. Representatives for Sigel maintain a large tractor trailer truck ran…

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Tiger Woods 911 Phone Call Released

The 911 call made by Tiger Woods' neighbors, Linda and Jerome Adams, has been released by the Florida Police.