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Week In Tweets: Will.i.Am Slams United Airlines, Ariana Grande’s Account Gets Hacked… Sorta

This week on Celebrity Twitter, Will.i.Am is just like us and vents about a bad flight, Chrissy Teigen attempts to live-tweet a Britney Spears movie,…


Week In Tweets: Rita Ora Can’t Stop Farting, Lil B Makes An App

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Week In Tweets: Cee-Lo Wants A ‘Selfie Of Your Soul,’ Katy Perry Stans For Blue Ivy

This week on Celebrity Twitter, Cee-Lo wants a piece of your soul, Katy Perry Stans for Blue Ivy at the MTV VMAs, Keri Hilson doesn't…


10 Celebrities Who Need To Spend Less Time On Twitter In 2013

There were quite a few celebrities who made headlines for things that they did on Twitter this year. Some got busted for sending scandalous direct…


Election Day 2012: Celebrities Rock The Vote On Twitter

Election Day for the 2012 presidential election is today, so we hope that you have, or plan to, exercised your right to vote for either…