Chicago Police Department


Laquan McDonald’s Family Begs For Peace Regardless Of Trial Outcome

"We don't want any violence before, during or after ... the verdict in this trial."


Vic Mensa Sounds Off After Being Threatened By Chicago Police At Bud Billiken Parade

Vic Mensa has a bone to pick with the Chicago Police Department.


Chicago Police Make Arrest In The Murder Of Cook County Judge Raymond Myles

Chicago police say Judge Myles and an unidentified woman were targeted by 37-year-old Joshua Smith in an armed robbery attempt turned fatal.


While In Chicago For A Funeral, Joshua Beal Was Shot And Killed By Police

The 25-year-old's name began to trend on social media Sunday night (Nov. 6) adding to the ever growing list of black men killed by law enforcement.


Chicago Gangs Leaders Allegedly Meet To Plot An Attack On Police Following Paul O’Neal’s Death

A Chicago Police police union official said O'Neal's family lawyer Michael Oppenheimer is to blame for the alleged threats.


Into The Light: Hundreds of Chicago Police Videos Released To Public

The windy city takes an important step toward transparency.


Chicago Cop Caught Saying “Typical F**king Ni**ers” On Dispatch Radio

Chicago Cops were recorded on tape spewing out racist remarks to their collegues.


A College Student And A Mother Of Five Gunned Down By Chicago Police

A fatal police shooting left a college student and a mother of five dead on Chicago's West side.


Chicago Cops Escort Girls To ‘Daddy-Daughter Dance’ In Place of Absentee Father

The goal is to turn the inagural banquet into an annual event.