Robber Unexpectedly Comes Face-To-Face With Victim After Taking His Order At Chipotle

The suspect and the victim had another unexpected encounter.


RZA Talks Music Campaign With Chipotle & Hip-Hop As America’s Dominant Genre

The legendary musician has presented a music experience like no other with the restaurant chain.


Hackers Attack Chipotle Restaurants, Steal Customers’ Credit Card Information

The burrito chain first announced the breach last month…


Chipotle Might Dive Into The Burger Business

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Chipotle Reportedly Gave Away 3.5 Million Burritos In An Effort To Ensure Food’s Safety

A whopping number of Chipotle customers were able to indulge in a free burrito from the national restaurant.


Chipotle To Close Its Door For One Day In February

In the aftermath of the E.coli outbreaks, Chipotle has decided to shut down for one day to discuss future strategy.


Chipotle Receives Subpoena From Federal Grand Jury Over Norovirus Outbreak

The outbreak has affected over 200 people.


Big Sean Shares The Love And Buys Everyone Chipotle At NYC-Based Restaurant

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Frank Ocean Pays Chipotle, Tells Them To ‘F*ck Off’

Oop. Frank Ocean is no longer here for Chipotle. Just a few days ago, the Mexican cuisine eatery sued Ocean for going against a contract…


Chipotle Sues Frank Ocean Over Ad Campaign Deal

Popular Mexican food chain Chipotle is suing Frank Ocean for allegedly reneging on a contract for a song for an ad campaign, according to The…


Chipotle Files Lawsuit Against Frank Ocean?

Frank Ocean finds himself on the receiving end of bad press after reportedly backing out of a lucrative endorsement campaign with popular food…


Chipotle Caught Cheating and Stealing From Customers

Chipotle restaurants in New Jersey have a lot of explaining to do. Recently, diners in NYC and NJ noticed their checks rounded up or down…