Hallowed Bey Thy Name: San Francisco Church To Hold Beyoncé Mass

Okay parishioners, now let's get in formation.


Florida Pastor Flees House Naked After Being Caught Cheating

The pastor was recorded apologizing to the congregation for adultry.


Two Brothers Charged With Murder Surrender After Church Service

Unbeknownst to the suspects, their mother planned for them to confess to officers after the service was over.


Premiere: Far East Movement Feat. Elijah Blake “Church”

FM is releasing 'Identity' on Oct 21.


Spreading The Gospel: BJ The Chicago Kid Feat. Jeremih And Lil Durk “Church (Remix)”

BJ calls on some of his Ch-town homies for the remix.


BJ The Chicago Kid And Chance The Rapper Try To Find Their Spritual Path In “Church”

The Chicago kids try to find their way with God while the madness of the Windy City surronds them.


Nas Speaks Out On Charleston Church Shooting: “Racism Is Rotting America”

Nas talks to VIBE's Mikey Fresh about the Charleston Church shooting.


Porsha Williams Apologizes For Anti-Gay Rant

  The Real Housewives of Atlanta's  Porsha Williams cant seem to catch a break. Recently,  got their paws on…


Tim Tebow Backs Away From Controversial Church

Tim Tebow will spread his faith, but not at the expense of his image.


Rihanna, The Church Girl?

Rihanna has done it again. The 24-year-old switched up her image, keeping the media and fans on their toes. The self-proclaimed bad girl…


Crazy Reverend Uses Stripper Pole for Church Sermons

Ever thought you'd see a stripper pole in church?Well, think again. Reverend Michael Scruggs uses a stripper pole along with other props to help illustrate…


Former Member of Ma$e’s Church Calls Him A “False Prophet”

Ma$e is trying to come back in the music biz. But, what do the people from his church think? One of them is speaking out.