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Should White Actors Play People Of Color in Films?

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Color Me Bad: 4 Reasons Hollywood’s Cleopatra Is Not Black

Movie casting buzz is abound that Angelina Jolie will be playing Marilyn Monroe in a film that starts production in September 2010. She's one busy…


4 Reasons Hollywood’s Cleopatra Isn’t Black (Pg. 5)

1. No Black Actress Can Currently Open a Big Budget Film Alone…


4 Reasons Hollywood’s Cleopatra Isn’t Black (Pg. 4)

2. There’s Debate if Cleopatra Was Actually Black— Cleopatra has often been depicted in paintings and in film to be European, and she did in…


4 Reasons Hollywood’s Cleopatra Isn’t Black (Pg. 3)

3. If Cleopatra starred a black actress it could be branded a ‘Black Film’ and not a mainstream one— There’s an unspoken rule…