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Angela Rye Moved To Tears During Televised CNN Panel On Trump And Racism

"I cried tears of frustration, but also hope. Hope that there are more Congressman Jollys who will speak truth to power and help us become…


Morgan Freeman Issues Apology Following Sexual Misconduct Allegations

More women have come forward to say #MeToo.


Symone Sanders Leaves Don Lemon In Stitches After The CNN Anchor Tries To Discuss Omarosa

"Don, it's Black History Month. We gotta talk about Omarosa?"


Start Black History Month Off Right With These Adorable Future CNN Commentators

Black excellence is at an all time high!


Michigan Teen Sends Death Threats To CNN Employees, Called Them The N-Word

The teen later apologized in court and blamed the incident on his issues with mental health.


LaVar Ball Speaks On Son’s Arrest, Refuses To Thank Trump

"If you help, you shouldn’t have to say anything."

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Don Lemon Reportedly Contacted Authorities Over Racist Threats From White Nationalist

According to law enforcement sources, the complaint was filed as aggravated harassment but may be upped to a hate crime.


CNN Tackles Donald Trump’s Fake News Attacks In New Ad

Well played, CNN. Well played.


Don Lemon Told A Self-Described Chunky Broadcaster She’s Beautiful

"You're a beautiful woman no matter what size you are and there's nothing wrong with having a little curve."

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Don Lemon Delivered One Of The Year’s Best Reads Against Donald Trump

The CNN anchor has gone from being traded in the ficticous racial draft to now being invited to the cookout. #Growth
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