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Florida Woman Busted With Cocaine Claims The Wind Blew It In Her Purse

Kennecia Posey claimed the wind blew it into her car and right in her purse.


In Kaepernick Revenge, Miami Dolphins Coach Caught In Cocaine Scandal

NFL coach Chris Foerster has resigned after being caught abusing cocaine on video. 


A Couple Was Jailed For Two Months After Cop Mistakes Baking Soda For Cocaine

"If they did what they did to us, you know — two law abiding citizens, there’s no telling how many mistakes they’ve made."


Macklemore Tackles America’s Prescription Pill And Heroin Crisis On “Drug Dealer”

Macklemore is one of the only rappers speaking out about America's epidemic.


Young Scooter Is Also In Love With The ‘Cocaina’

You'd be hard pressed to find a rapper today that motivates one to get money the way that Young Scooter does. As the Black Migos…


Vice President Joe Biden’s Son Discharged From Navy For Alleged Cocaine Use

Vice President Joe Biden's son, Hunter Biden, was recently discharged from the Navy after allegedly testing positive for cocaine, the Wall Street Journal reports.


Johhny Manziel Caught Doing Drugs In Vegas?

New NFL recruit Johnny Manziel knows about the rock star lifestyle. Though, he still hasn't played a professional football game, the baller is known to…


Mary J. Blige Says She Suffered From ‘Self-Hatred’

During an episode of Dr. Oz at the end of 2013, Mary J. Blige came clean about her distorted self-image and how she's coped with…


Smugglers Shoot Weed Out Cannons Towards US

The drug trade is being taken to new heights—literally.


Breaking The Taboo: A Documentary On The War On Drugs (Video)

Most of us have a decent understanding about the distribution of illegal drugs, but how well do we actually know what's going on? For a…


NYC Drug Bust Uncovers 105 Pounds Of Cocaine In Times Square

We've heard of drug busts in the past, but this one takes the cake—at least for New York City.