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New York Correction Officers Fear Attacks Following Colin Kaepernick’s Rikers Island Visit

Colin Kaepernick's visit to Rikers Island caused a bit of a stir amongst law enforcement.


Colin Kaepernick Makes TIME Magazine’s Shortlist For ‘Person Of The Year’

Along with the former San Francisco 49er, Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un are also contenders for the distinction.


Political Pundit Falsely Claims Colin Kaepernick Donated Money To Terrorists

Former Olympic Gold medalist wrestler Kevin Jackson also believes the activist is undeserving of the 2017 Sports Illustrated Muhammad Ali Legacy Award.


NFL Proposes $90 Million Social Justice Fund In Attempt To End National Anthem Protests

The NFL submitted a proposal to the NFL in hopes of ending the national anthem protests, first started by Colin Kaepernick.


Colin Kaepernick Attends The Indigenous People’s Sunrise Gathering

Colin Kaepernick continued to show that he's a man of the people when he decided to participate in an annual day of remembrance.


Colin Kaepernick Spoke To Meek Mill, Says He’s In “Good Spirits”

"...regardless of his unjust situation, he’s in good spirits..."


Country Singer Neal McCoy Under Fire For “Take A Knee…My Ass” Song

The country music singer decided to join those who seem to remain dismissive of what taking a knee during the national anthem actually symbolizes.


Colin Kaepernick Tweets Message Of Solidarity For Meek Mill

Colin Kaepernick didn't become GQ's "Citizen Of The Year" without drawing attention to important issues in America. The NFL free agent was blackballed from the league…

Music News

Jay Z On Kaepernick’s NFL Protest: “It’s Not About The Flag, It’s About Justice”

"It's not a black and white issue. It's a human issue."


J. Cole Says Colin Kaepernick “Sacrificed His Dream” To Fight Police Brutality, Racial Injustice

Like Kaepernick, Cole remains vocal racial inequality, even taking a stance against the monetarily corrupt federal prison system.


NFL Owners Asked To Turn Over Phone Records, Emails And More In Colin Kaepernick Case

"Agitation" is reportedly spreading through the league after Kaepernick's records request.
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