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Bar Owner Under Fire For “Lynch Kaepernick” Doormat

He says it's purely "out of accident."


Colin Kaepernick’s Jersey Will Now Be On Display At The MoMA

The football star’s jersey will reportedly be apart of a new exhibit coming to the museum on Oct. 1.


Interview: Biracial College Student Shares How She Was Disowned By White Mother For Defending Colin Kaepernick

Kiara Lawhon's descision to take a knee with Kaepernick landed her in hot water with her non-black mother.


Don Lemon: “Taking A Knee Is Constitutionally Protected”

"It’s about challenging our country to extend the promise of that flag to all citizens, including the citizens whose ancestors were slaves."


Jesse Williams Says The National Anthem Controversy Is Just To Boost Military Enrollment

“This has nothing to do with [the] NFL, or American pastime, or tradition,"

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Jidenna To Trump: “You Know You Done F**ked Up, Right?”

"Every action causes an equal an opposite reaction, motherf**ker!"


First MLB Player Takes A Knee During National Anthem

It was only a matter of time.

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And Now A Word From J. Cole: J.Cole Offers A Solution For Colin Kaepernick

"Bare with me I'm just a rapper, but look."

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Stevie Wonder Takes A Knee In Solidarity With Colin Kaepernick

"Tonight, I'm taking a knee for America."


Donald Trump Spews Scathing Comments On NFL Players Who Protest Injustice

Donald Trump took time out of his schedule to once again aim his comments at the NFL.


NFL Players Advocate For November To Be Activism Awareness Month

Previous and current NFL players are calling on the league to take a stand, or knee, alongside them.


Chris Rock Issues A Brilliant Defense Of Colin Kaepernick

"You have to admit in the world of sports where we give criminals 15 chances, this guy shouldn't be denied the right to ever play again."
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