Collard Greens


For $81.50 You Can Purchase Cooked Collard Greens At Neiman Marcus

The dish, which serves between eight and 10 people, will run you $66 for the greens and $15.50 for shipping and handling.


One Line In Schoolboy Q’s ‘Collard Greens’ Isn’t True, Just Ask His Mom

Schoolboy Q is the latest rapper’s lyrics to be read on Jimmy Kimmel’s "Words From Your Mother" segment. Taking on his "Collard Greens"


Watch: Schoolboy Q Puts Funky Twist on “Collard Greens” at Bonnaroo Superjam

When Schoolboy Q dropped "Collard Greens" this week, it was an automatic head-bobber; impossible not to bounce to during the refrain's "Oh oh oh oh,…