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Meek Mill’s Alleged Assault Case Gets Thrown Out Of Court

Meek Mill is now free of any charges. 


T.I. Gives Back To The Youth In Back-To-School Giveaway

T.I. sends Atlanta youth back to school in a major way.


Kentucky Teens Brighten Their Community By Mowing Lawns For Free

Travis Durham turned what was supposed to be a punishment into a community initiative.


10 Celebs Who Were Forced To Do Community Service

When celebrities get in trouble with the law, they typically hire good lawyers to help them stay out of prison. So instead of serving hard…


Only Kanye Could Make Community Service Fashionable

Only Yeezus could assault paparazzi and avoid rocking a hideous orange jumpsuit as a result. (Otherwise, we’re sure he’d have a rant or few…


Kanye West Sentenced to Anger Management, Community Service and Probation

  Joining the celeb misdemeanor elite is rapper Kanye West, who was sentenced to two years’ probation today for his July 2013…


Chris Brown Lawyer Files Docs To Prove Community Service Hours

After Chris Brown arrived in court with his mom and Rihanna in tow, his lawyer Mark Geragos filed documents that he says prove Brown is…


Chris Brown Lied? Community Service Hours in Question

Chris Brown lied? The grave Chris Brown keeps digging for himself continues to get deeper.


Judge Praises Chris Brown For Community Service

A judge has told Chris Brown that his community service progress report is "excellent." In August, Brown was placed on probation and ordered to six…


Chris Brown “Kiss Kisses” Weeds Goodbye

Orange reflector vest, weed wacker--just another day of work for Chris Breezy.


Chris Brows Begins Trash Duty

After being sentenced last month to 180-days of labor following his pleading guilty to felony assault, Chris Brown has hit the dirt in his first…


Chris Brown: The Trash Pick-Up Artist

Chris Brown will begin his community service sentence soon--wearing a reflective orange vest and carrying a trash bag.


Chris Brown Opens Up To The King Of CNN

Chris Brown was reportedly open and candid when he sat down with Larry King Live Wednesday. Answering every question asked by the network vet, sources…