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Issa Rae Says ‘Insecure’ Will Do Better To Address The Issue Of Condoms

"We tend to place condoms in the backgrounds of scenes or imply them. But we hear you guys and will do better next season."


Charlie Sheen Champions Safe Sex In Sobering Condom Ad

"I think people associate the word condom with…"


Got Em: Teens Create Condom That Changes Color If You Have An STD

Some of y'all are gonna be glowing in the dark if you put this condom on.


When The Glove Comes Off: Condom-Free Sex?

Have you heard the chatter lately about birth control free sex? New York Magazine dubs us 20-something's "The Pull Out Generation". While the idea of ditching prophylactic's…


Get Lucky With Daft Punk Condoms

Daft Punk's record sales might have fallen a tad flat after the initial surge, but hopefully other parts of The Robots are still growing.


HIV, Prison and the Justice System: The New Concentration Camps

Actress and model Melyssa Ford will be serving up a four-part series on the state and importance of black sexual health, delving into the topics…


Trend Alert: Young Men Getting Vasectomies To Avoid Wearing Condoms

A writer from recently did a story on a new phenomenon in society's sexual health denial saga--men who would rather get a vasectomy than…


Condom Sales Declining, Rawdogging On The Rise

Even in the age of HIV/AIDS, studies show that several people still aren’t using protection. According to research by Ian Daly, a Details magazine writer…