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Kanye Asks Judge to Drop Lawsuit

Last year, Kanye was hit with a copyright infringement lawsuit by David Pryor’s children and now the self proclaimed rap genius is trying…


Mona Scott Young Facing $50 Million Copyright Lawsuit For ‘Love & Hip-Hop’

'Love & Hip-Hop' creator Mona Scott Young is allegedly being sued for copyright infringement to the tune of $50 million.


Love & Lies?: Mona Scott Young Sued for Copyright Infringement

Looks like VH1’s ratchet reality empire is getting bi*ch slapped with a $50 million copyright infringement lawsuit. The prosecutor, 8th Wonder…


Beastie Boys Sued for Copyright Infringement

The Beastie Boys are being sued.


50 Cent Files Infringement Lawsuit Against Worldstarhiphop (WSHH) has become one of the biggest online destinations for hood videos. In the hip-hop industry, artists have taken notice, even 50 Cent, who…


Eminem Takes Apple To Court

Apple Inc. and Eminem's music publisher are going to trial after the two parties failed to settle a dispute over the rapper's songs retailing on…