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VIBE VIVA’s Urban Top 40s Countdown With Jaylah Sandoval

Jaylah counts down the top 10 songs of the week, including Rihanna's "Work," J Balvin's "Ginza," and Justin Bieber's "Love Yourself."


Consequence And Lupe Fiasco Connect On The ‘Countdown’

Cons calls out to his Chicago brother for some assistance.


VIBE Presents: 30 DJs To Watch In 2014

As the year comes to an end, VIBE scoured every inch of the globe to unearth and weigh-in on the brightest, most promising artists in…


Tech Craze: 6 Music Tech Innovations You Need To Know About

In recent years, the countless apps and gizmos that have emerged have made music production ridiculously easy. Music technology has become a fast growing industry…


Yolanda Be Cool Reveals 10 Coolest Tracks Of 2013

Mighty Aussie duo, Yolanda Be Cool AKA Andew Stanley & Matthew Handley have put together their Top 10 Tracks of 2013 for Vibe, showcashing their…


New Music: Ministry of Sound & DJ Mag Present: Top 100 DJs 20 Years

The renowned DJ poll began in 1993, powered by Trackitdown, and now has eclipsed every other music poll of its kind, all over the world.


Interview: On An EDM Hot Streak With MAKJ

A few months ago, Mackenzie Johnson (aka MAKJ) was the best DJ you had never heard of. Now the labors of this 23-year-old prodigy have…


4 Concepts Beyoncé Has Been Accused Of Stealing

Beyoncé is known for using inspiration from artists and taking their original concept to another stratosphere. Such was the case when the "Grown Woman" singer…


Beyonce’s ‘Countdown’: The Snuggie Version

There is never a dull moment when watching Beyonce Stans perform their favorite singer's choreography in the privacy of their homes. This young boy took…


New Music: Chris Brown “Countdown”

Last night, Chris Brown dropped yet another free release to the Internet. On "Countdown", Breezy encourages scandalous behavior. Are you ready?

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V Exclusive! MTV2 to Bring ‘Sucker Free Countdown’ International in 2012

 Today, MTV2 announced plans to launch their "Sucker Free Countdown" internationally in early 2012. Next year, viewers from all over the globe…


Beyonce Responds To Plagiarism Accusations For ‘Countdown’ Video

It seems like every time Beyonce delivers an astounding performance, criticism immediately follows. The Milf-in-training's latest side-eye comes at the heels of her new "Countdown"


Watch Beyonce’s ‘Countdown’ Video

Beyonce and her baby bump just turned things up in her latest music for "Countdown." Get More: Beyoncé, Music, More Music Videos…


Beyoncé Turns Up Vintage Glam + Technicolor For “Countdown” Video

All other singers (and their #teams) might have to sit this one out. It's clearly still Bey season. The baby-toting mommy-to-be decided to…


Peep 30 Seconds of Beyonce’s Colorful ‘Countdown’ Video

Doesn't look like a preggers status is slowing down Beyonce in the slightest. The milf-to-be just dropped a 30-second glimpse of the new video for…