Tony Romo Is Retiring From The NFL To Join CBS As A Commentator

Romo is taking his talents to the broadcast booth.


Dallas Cowboys Stadium Renamed

The Dallas Cowboys no longer play in Dallas Cowboys Stadium - but they haven't moved.


Tony Romo on Cowboys Season Ending Loss: “I Let Our Team Down”

A real man knows when he made a mistake.


Cowboys Fans Petition Obama To Remove Owner Jerry Jones

It's come to this: Cowboys fans have petitioned President Obama to oust Cowboys owner and de facto GM Jerry Jones. With the team mired in…


NFL Picks Week 8: Bears vs. Panthers, Falcons vs. Eagles, Giants vs. Cowboys

Can you believe after this week the NFL will be at its halfway point? It seems like the Cowboys were upsetting the Giants in the…


55-Year-Old Granny Cheerleader Wants to Join Dallas Cowboys

Age really ain't nothing but a number for 55-year-old Sharon Simmons. The aspiring Dallas Cowboys cheerleader has had the dream since her early twenties.

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Pacman Jones Still Unemployed

Adam "Pacman" Jones' off-the-field behavior may have ended his pro football career prematurely, after both the NFL and CFL turned their backs on him.