Cyntoia Brown


Cyntoia Brown’s Original Prosecutor Speaks Out On Sentence

Tennessee’s law has been changed since the initial arrest of Cyntoia Brown. It now states that children solicited for sex trade are not considered prostitutes.


Tennessee Court Provides Explanation For Cyntoia Brown’s Imprisonment

Her team challenged her sentence as the 43-year-old man she killed in 2004 had solicited her for sex at 16.


Lawyers For Cyntoia Brown File Appeal To Have Her Life Sentence Overturned

Brown's attorneys believes that the 29-year-old sex trafficking survivor will die  before she is elligible for parole.


Kim Kardashian Offers To Provide Legal Aid For Cyntoia Brown

Kardashian's lawyer is also looking into a clemency campaign for Alice Johnson.


Despite Being Behind A Cell, Cyntoia Brown Is Making A Difference

“I myself can create opportunities to help people [behind bars],” Brown said.