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D.L. Hughley Recalls When Cops Called Him N-Word When He Was 8 Years Old

Hughley stopped by 'The View' Wednesday (July 12) to promote his new book 'How To Not Get Shot' and detail his first encounter with police.


D.L. Hughley, T.I. Call Double Standard Between Texas School Shooting And Tay-K Murder Case

The two share what they describe as a double standard in both cases in Texas.


D.L. Hughley Reveals His Son With Another Woman Was Murdered By The Mother’s Boyfriend

"It was a horrible, horrible experience....I was scared, I was married. I was just starting out my career."


D.L. Hughley: “Americans Are More Dangerous Than Guns & ISIS”

"It's easier for Americans to buy guns than it is to buy Sudafed," the comedian shared Monday (Oct. 2).


D.L. Hughley: “If You Got Mad At Kathy Griffin And Didn’t Say S**t About Ted Nugent, You’re A Hypocrite”

"I think every time a comic apologizes, every time somebody apologizes for telling a joke, a comedian loses his balls."


D.L. Hughley Slams Donald Trump Amidst The Muslim Ban

The passionate comic has made it clear he does not and will not support Donald Trump, and was even more vocal after thousands of Muslims…


D.L. Hughley To Donald Trump: ‘F*ck You Now And F*ck You Forever’

"You'd rather have black people be football players, comedians and rappers than the president. You would rather see us run the ball then run the…


D.L. Hughley: “Trump Being President Is Like Flavor Flav Winning A Spelling Bee”

The always outspoken D.L. Hughley has a few choice words about Donald Trump's race to the White House...


D.L. Hughley Apologizes For Controversial Domestic Violence Comments

D.L. Hughley is officially off the Kings of Comedy throne. The comedian recently angered listeners after making some unfunny comments regarding Columbus Short’s estranged wife,…

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Jacoby Jones, D.L. Hughley Join Season 16 Cast of ‘Dancing With the Stars’

One of the Original Kings of Comedy and a 2012 Super Bowl champion are joining the hit ballroom competition.