Dakota Access Pipeline


As It Turns Out, The Company Behind The Keystone Pipeline Thinks It’s Not Needed Anymore

“There’s simply no reason to build this dangerous pipeline and put us all at risk.”


Dakota Access Pipeline Confirms Fears, Leaks 84 Gallons Of Oil On Sacred Land

The Dakota Access Pipeline reportedly leaked 200 miles south of Standing Rock protests.


Colin Kaepernick Donates Big To Dakota Pipeline Protesters

The donation will help aid a free clinic located at the Standing Rock camp.


Pipeline Spills Over 100,000 Gallons Of Crude Into Creek Near Dakota Access Protest Camp

The cleanup can take stretch into the Spring of 2017.


Pipeline Protesters Ordered To Leave Camp By Dec. 5 To Avoid Prosecution

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers sent a letter to Standing Rock Sioux Tribe on Friday (Nov. 25), citing safety concerns.


Peaceful DAPL Protesters Blasted With Water Cannons In Freezing Weather

Dakota Pipeline protesters were hit with tear gas and water cannons after clashing with local police.


Obama Administration Provides Update On The Fate Of DAPL

In the end, it can all be in Trump's hands which is no bueno.


#NoDAPL: A Growing Movement To Stop The Dakota Access Pipeline

 Why the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe is opposing this fossil fuel project.


Indigenous Protesters Are Fighting For All Their Land

The Sioux don't want accomodations. They want their land in full.