Watch: Oscar Winner’s Son Releases New Track Produced by J.Cole

Oscar winner Daniel Day-Lewis's son Gabriel, has released a rap track under the name Gabe Day, titled "Green Auras." Gabe released a video…

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Director Martin Scorcese To Bring ‘Gangs Of New York’ To TV

The epically long and bloody film Gangs of New York seems to be coming to a small screen near you, courtesy of Martin Scorcese. Details…

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Kids Re-Create 2013 Oscar Nominated Films

Don't worry if you're not well versed in all the Oscars Award winning films — you can catch a re-enactment of "Kids Oscars" after the…

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Oscars 2013 Were Not All That Bad

The 2013 Oscars were long. Not the longest Oscars broadcast to date, but up there in the Top 10 clocking in at 3 hours and…

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Who Won What?: The Oscars’ 2013 Winners List

Last night's awards were full of surprises, emotion and... controversy. We have the results from the 85th Academy Awards for your perusal.

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TRAILER: Daniel Day-Lewis Impresses All As Honest Abe In “Lincoln”

The trailer for Steven Spielberg's historically acclaimed biopic has finally arrived.