Rosario Dawson Joins ‘Daredevil’ on Netflix

Boom! Bam! Pow! Vixen Rosario Dawson has joined the cast of Netflix’s Daredevil as a regular guest star. The Hollywood…


‘Buffy’ Scribe Drew Goddard To Write ‘Daredevil’ For Netflix

After word broke that Disney and Marvel teamed up with Netflix to bring a few of their most notable characters to the small screen, it…

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Marvel President Kevin Feige Confirms Rights to ‘Daredevil’ Have Returned

With growing rumors that Marvel is putting Doctor Strange, Black Panther and Ant-Man into development, does studio head Kevin Feige confirmation of the return of…


Felix Baumgartner Lands Red Bull Stratos’ Supersonic Free Fall Misson, Breaks Records

Daredevil Felix Baumgartner has become the first man to successfully jump from a balloon 24 miles (127,000 ft) up in the air, breaking a more…

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Daredevil To Return Back To Marvel Studios

If you caught a flashback about the abortion failure known as Daredevil starring Ben Affleck then this news will make you excited.