Dave Chapelle


Will Smith Makes His Stand-Up Debut Alongside Dave Chapelle

Will Smith adds another check to his bucket list.


Faizon Love Thinks “White People Built Dave Chappelle”

“He’s never made n***as laugh.”


Watch Dave Chappelle & A Tribe Called Quest’s ‘SNL’ Teaser

Tribe and Dave will be crushing the stage at 'SNL' this weekend.


Watch A Young Dave Chappelle Rap About HIV/AIDS Prevention In A PSA

Before the real life LOLs Dave Chappelle caused during his comedy show, a young Chappelle participated in a PSA about the importance of HIV/AIDS prevention.


Gone But Not Forgotten: Exploring Rick James’ Unpredictable Second Life

On the 10 year-anniversary of Rick James' death, VIBE remembers how our favorite Super Freak went out with a bang. For years, the name Rick…


Prince Teases New Song, “Breakfast Can Wait”

Prince has returned to take his crown. Last month, Prince released the hilarious promo art—Dave Chapelle as Prince on his former…

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Peep This: Dave Chappelle Surfaces In Hi-Tek’s Studio

The most elusive comedian of our generation was recently filmed in Hi-Tek's studio jamming on the MPC.Now, we doubt Dave Chappelle is making…


Donnell Rawlins Presents ‘Runaway From The Babies’ (Kanye Spoof Video)

Donnell Rawlins formerly of Chapelle's Show has decided to spoof Kanye West's Runaway movie by poking fun at dead beat dads and babymamas. Better late…


Uncle Ruckus on White Folks Inventing Rap, John Mayer & Dave Chapelle

var flashvars = {};flashvars.trackURL = "/media/audio/Ruckus on Mayer x Chapelle.mp3";flashvars.title = "Ruckus on Rap x John Mayer x Dave Chapelle";flashvars.width = 400;flashvars.height = 30;flashvars.autoPlay =…