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The 10 Most Interesting Lyrics On Jay-Z’s ‘Magna Carta Holy Grail’ So Far

From sneak commercials to impromptu scavenger hunts in NYC, Jay-Z’s rollout for his July 4th opus, Magna Carta Holy Grail, has been anything but conventional.


Decoded: Miguel Break Down “P Is Mine”

In this latest Decoded video, brought to you by Life + Times, R&B singer Miguel takes you behind one his most sensual songs to date.


Meek Mill Decodes “Use To Be” From ‘Dreamchasers 2′

Chatting it up with Life + Times in Chicago, Meek Mill recalls his past struggles that helped create the reflective, "Use To Be." From his…


Peep This: Jay-Z Opens Up About Reciting Biggie’s Lyrics In His Music

In this exclusive clip from the official Decoded iPhone app, Jay-Z discusses his lyrics from the third single from his sophomore album, In…

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Jay-Z Explains ‘Lost Ones’ in Unreleased Excerpts From ‘Decoded’

With the paperback/expanded version of Decoded due in stores on November 1st, Jay-Z released a few unread excerpts to be included…


Jay-Z’s ‘Decoded’ Ad Team Earns Honor For Campaign Marketing

Jay-Z released Decoded last November, and it still seems to be receiving positive feedback. The best-selling novel earned an honor at yesterday's Cannes Lions International Film Festival…


Jay-Z On The ‘Evolution Of My Style’

As an added bonus with Jay-Z’s Decoded iPhone 4 app, there are several exclusive clips of Hov going further into his most personal…


I’m A Business, Man! Jay-Z’s 10 Smartest Business Decisions

The Decision: Creating Roc-A-Fella Records The Year: 1996 The Bottom Line: What do you do when no one wants to take a chance…


DJ Irie Recaps Jay-Z’s ‘Decoded’ Unveiling In Miami

First off, I was privy to more information than everybody else, so I found out that Beyonce was also going to be joining…