Delta Airlines


Delta Passengers Sit At Gate For 12 Hours, Only For Flight To Be Cancelled

A weather delay left the passengers stranded on the Tarmac.


Delta Airlines Allegedly Kicks YouTube Star Off Flight For Speaking Arabic

People are calling for a boycott of Delta Airlines after yet another incident of racism and discrimination.


Trump Supporter Verbally Harasses Delta Passengers In Outlandish Rant

Delta has been slammed over its employees doing next to nothing to diffuse the incident.


Flight Attendant Prohibits Black Doctor From Helping Unresponsive Passenger

"Oh no sweetie...we are looking for actual physicians or nurses or some type of medical personnel, we don't have time to talk to you."


Serena Williams Shows Off Her Moves In New Delta Airlines Ad

Thanks to choreographers WilldaBeast Adams and Janelle Ginestra, you can see Serena Williams like you've never seen her before.