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Watch: Denver Nuggets Mascot Faints While Descending From Rafters

Maybe he had too much fun on Halloween? Maybe it's because mountain lion mating season is fast approaching? Maybe it was the high altitude? Whatever…


Road To The Playoffs: NBA Players Harrison Barnes, Wilson Chandler And More Share Their Pre-Game Playlists

NBA's biggest stars are prepping to turn up on the hardwood as the playoffs begin Saturday, April 20. Here, the league reveals their pre-game playlists…


The NBA’s 5 Christmas Gametime Gifts

Christmas basketball games have been a tradition since the beginning of the NBA. As people gather with their families, sports fans give a new…

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Allen Iverson Announces NBA Retirement

After 13 seasons of being one of the NBA's biggest threats, Allen Iverson announced plans to retire Wednesday (Nov. 25) after being waived by the…