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DeRay McKesson Finally Reveals The Meaning Of His Ubiquitous Blue Vest

“I've had this vest on when I was tear-gassed, when I was dragged out of the police department by my ankles, when I was shot…

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Whoopi Goldberg Slams DeRay For His ‘War For The Planet Of The Apes’ Comment

If Donald Trump can be president, then Whoopi Goldberg and DeRay McKesson can have beef in 2017. #NothingIsImpossible

Music News

Katy Perry Sits Down With Deray To Discuss Cultural Appropriation

Perry's new interview is getting some interesting reactions.


DeRay McKesson Is Suing The Baton Rouge Police Department For His Arrest

After almost 200 protestors were arrested, several are seeking justice.


Trump Lobbyist Tweets His Desire For Deray McKesson To “Disappear”

After the prominent Black Lives Matter activist was arrested, the self-proclaimed lobbyist Tweeted his sinister thoughts.


DeRay McKesson Has Been Released From Jail

The activist and former Baltimore mayoral candidate was released on Sunday (July 10) following his arrest in Baton Rouge Saturday (July 9) evening.


DeRay McKesson Was Arrested In Baton Rouge

DeRay McKesson was detained by Baton Rouge police during a peaceful protest along Airline Highway.


DeRay Mckesson’s Mayoral Campaign Is Mostly Supported By The Youth & Tech Donators

The candidate for mayor has gained support from fellow young teachers and execs from Netflix and Twitter.


DeRay Mckesson Reveals ‘Robust’ Meeting With President Obama

McKesson, who is running for Mayor of Baltimore, met with Obama for a special event honoring Black History Month.