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Aretha Franklin Performs Nearly Five-Minute Long National Anthem

Slay, Queen. And slay...and slay...and slay.


Interview: Detroit Lions Rookie Eric Ebron Sings For The Team, Promises A Playoff Run And More

Don’t look now, but the Lions are actually in first place in the NFC North. Sure it’s only Week 4 but if any city in…


Reggie Bush and Daughter Breseis Spotted at The Ivy [Photos]

Well, look who decided to pop up and say hi! Ever since ending a relationship with Kim Kardashian, we've seen less…


Did Ndamukong Suh Celebrate Colts Injury by Taunting?

Detroit Lions defensive Ndamkong Suh hasn't been known to play nice on the field.


Ndamukong Suh Speeding Ticket Adds To Rough Week

Fresh off the news that he will not suspended for last week's groin kicking episode, Detroit Lions lineman Ndamukong Suh is back in the news.


10 Things Shyne Missed While In Prison

After serving nine years on assault and attempted murder charges, former Bad Boy rapper Shyne was set to be released from prison today [Ed Note:…