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HTGAWM’s Lauren Vélez Says Working With Viola Davis Is “A Dream Come True”

The Boricua actor is winning as the new face on 'How to Get Away with Murder'. 

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‘Dexter’ Recap, Is Brother Sam Dex’s Next Mentor?

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Mos Def’s 5 Best TV/Film Roles

Mos expanded his portfolio with cartoon voiceover work. "Gangstalicious" is completely different from Mos' real life rap persona but he was funny.

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Dexter Recap, Could Brother Sam Be Next?

Last night Dexter discovered that The Tooth Fairy was more than just a fairytale. After years of retirement, infamous serial killer The Tooth Fairy committed…

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Mos Def On Dexter, Is This His Definitive Role?

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VIBE’s Fall 2011 TV Preview: 11 Shows You Should Watch This Season

Simon Cowell and LA Reid together...judging a talent competition. Need we say more?

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Mos Def Lands Role On ‘Dexter’ Season 6

Mos Def is about to flex his acting chops again. The rapper/actor has finalized a multi-episode deal for the sixth season of Dexter, according to…