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5 Reasons Beyonce And Jay Z Will Stay Together

The Internet and the BeyHive have been all up in their feelings thanks to Page Six’s sketchy exposé ona looming divorce between Jay Z and…


Vixen Vent: Are You Happy Now? Beyoncé’s Family Is A Hot Mess—Just Like Yours

In 1999, I interviewed Destiny’s Child, (there were still four of them back then). It was an outdoor concert and they were about to…


Beyoncé Seems Unbothered By Divorce Rumors

The Knowles-Carter clan has been under an even smaller microscope than usual since #ElevatorGate a couple months ago at the 2014 Met Gala. Reports have…

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Jada Pinkett Smith Sets the Record Straight About Divorce Rumors

Rumors surrounding the alleged budding divorce between Will and Jada Pinkett Smith will hopefully come to an end today.In an interview with French magazine, Gala,…