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Vixen Chat: Mya Shares a Secret and Dishes on ‘With Love’

Everybody knows Mya as the multitalented singer that collaborated with Silk The Shocker, danced for Sisqo and even tap danced on camera. Whether you're in  love or nursing a fresh break…


Watch: Dolly Parton Raps On ‘The Queen Latifah Show’

Artists have never experienced a musical cross-over like this one. Dolly Parton toned down her melodious voice for another shot at…


Peep This: Dolly Parton Spits A Rap Challenging Queen Latifah’s Breasts

In a concert in L.A. last weekend, Dolly Parton surprised the crowd with a rap verse inspired by Queen Latifah and her tig ol bitties.

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Movie Casting News: Queen Latifah Pairs with Dolly Parton, Zoe Kravitz in New ‘X-Men’ & Paula Patton in ‘MI: 4′

Queen Latifah will team up with Dolly Parton in the gospel musical comedy, Joyful Noise. Latifah and Parton will play two strong-minded women forced to…